Landscape Design & Build in Plainfield, IL

Beautiful, well maintained landscaping greatly enhances the property value of your home and adds to your overall quality of life. Whether your home sits on a spacious terrain with limitless possibility or on a standard suburban lot, K & R Landscaping Inc. in Plainfield, IL can help transform it into a beautiful oasis that will be a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.


No landscaping job is too big or too small for the landscape professionals at K & R Landscaping Inc. Our landscape designers, horticulturists and maintenance engineers have the experience and knowledge to help you plan and implement a landscape design that suits your taste and lifestyle. Whether your landscape is a blank canvas or a work in progress we can help make your dreams a reality by helping identify the right vegetation for your property’s terrain, soil type and exposure. 


Helping You Design Your Dream Space

From selecting the perfect centerpiece tree to accent flowers, groundcover, and hardscaping including patios, walkways, retaining walls or even an outdoor kitchen we integrate all these elements into beautiful, harmonious works of art that will provide you with outdoor enjoyment year round.


K & R Landscaping Inc. will help you identify the best native or hybrid plants, perennials or annuals depending on your taste and vision. Through our association with reputable growers we will select only the healthiest, hardiest specimens for your lawn or garden. Once we’ve completed planting you can rest assured that we’ll maintain your beautiful new plants to ensure they thrive and provide years of enjoyment.


To get started, call a member of our team today for an onsite consultation and estimate. 815-436-5000

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